FLAC Importer 64 1.0


This is a plugin for Adobe Creative Suite 5 which allows FLAC audio files to be imported in to various programs.



This plugin is written against the Adobe Premiere CS5 SDK. The result of this is that the plugin should work with a number of other Adobe programs in addition to Premiere. However, since Premiere CS5 is now a 64-bit native program, that means that this, and any other plugin written for it, will only work with other 64-bit programs. This means that any backwards compatibily from this point is basically dead. Unfortuately, not all of the CS5 programs are 64-bit yet. The following programs are confirmed to work with the plugin:




This plugin was compiled using Visual C++ 2008 along with the Premiere Pro CS5 SDK, libFLAC, and libOgg.

The installer was compiled with NSIS 2.46.